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2 years ago

Play Your Favorite Games with Midnight Madness

Play Your Favorite Games with Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness is considered one of the most beloved event organizers in the city with a huge variety of recreational opportunities and special events for individuals and families. We provide opportunities to play and enjoy some of the activities with friends and family. With our madness schedule sport lovers can play Baseball Free Game and Basketball Shootout Games. Play any game or take pleasure of playing your beloved game in the designated areas.  Involve yourself in one of the entertainment events available with Midnight Madness. We offer variety of sports activities for teams and individuals. Choose from softball, basketball or baseball. Among the most important events held with Midnight Madness where we can mention the Youth Baseball Midnight Madness kicked off in 2010 at Carson City.


Midnight Madness was started in the year 2000 in Sacramento, CA. Due to a high insist we added Midnight Madness Carson City, NV in 2001 with the aim of helping students and athletes from around the world to play your favorite games. Our Youth Fastpitch Midnight Madness started in Sacramento in 2011 and has developed to 80-Plus teams. We are very excited to progress the Fastpitch Midnight Madness to Carson City, NV 4th of July weekend 2015. Carson City is a 24 hour town a little drive to Reno & Lake Tahoe, NV. Plan a day of fun or a night out with the friends and family. While you're there, you can eat something delicious. People can enroll in adults softball leagues and receive special offers packages that include free raffle prizes. Visit our website to enroll for events and additional information.